Our creative process centers around what's most important - your vision and our desire to see it and realize it.

Our Process


Clear communication and listening.

We're happy to guide you and provide feedback beginning at any part of the process.  We believe understanding your needs and vision clearly is a critical first step, so we'll provide easy to complete forms and support to help you to mold your idea or to communicate it effectively.


Collaborate thinking and ideation.

We'll gather resources and spend time researching the best solution to your needs, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and function. We'll create initial planning documents, moldboards, and other resources to help us find common ground, get on the same page, and guide the rest of the project.


Delivery and follow-through.

We'll deliver your product to you once you are confidently satisfied with all aspects of your design and experience and we'll ensure that have every tool you need to best move forward. It's important to us that you feel confident even after our work together is done.


Feedback and discussion.

Rather than creating many options that may be very far from a realized product, we'll use the information we've gathered to create a more developed idea. Your feedback will be very important to us in the process of detailing, shaping, and finalizing your design concept.

Services for your unique needs.

Apparel Design & Print

Designs created for screen print on a variety of apparel styles - a great solution for performance apparel, show shirts, and other branded tees!
  • Apparel Line Concepts
  • Screen Print Designs
  • Printing & Delivery Services
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Motion and Animation

Animated and special effect productions for communications and entertainment needs! Animated logos, intros, films, and more.
  • Animated assets - e.g. branded call outs, graphics, titles, etc.
  • Branded intro and outro bumpers
  • Animated promotional videos/announcements
  • Thematic Templates for Premiere/After Effects
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Fully comprehensive branding, logo design, documents, stationary, and more. Essentially everything you may need for your communicating your brand's look, voice, and message.
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Mood Board
  • Primary & Secondary Logos
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Typography Suite
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Patterns & Assets
  • Tangibles & Stationary
  • Instagram Post Layouts
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Web Design

Create your own website, image gallery, portfolio, web application, user portal, and more! We can handle both the visual design and the code functionality!
  • Web Questionnaire
  • Static Websites via Webflow & AWS
  • CMS web pages via Webflow
  • Custom forms & information collection tools
  • Mobile Optimized pages
  • SEO Essentials
  • CMS Onboarding & Training
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Pageantry Design

Our speciality - flags, floors, props, uniforms, and more! We're your one stop shop for both the fall and winter seasons with design and printing solutions available.
  • Digitally printed silks, drum wraps, flyovers
  • Show logos, graphics, animated promotions
  • Mood boards, color palettes, storyboard development
  • Vinyl floors, fabric and vinyl coverings
  • Printed uniforms, band tops, and shako wraps
  • Consultation & Development Meetings
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