We nurture our team and culture so we can, in turn, nurture growth within our community. It starts with our clients and sharing real experiences.

Travis Wade (he/him)
Owner & Creative Director

Originally from Hartsville, South Carolina, Travis began exploring graphic design and web development as a middle school hobby that has since flourished into a design business on the forefront of pageantry and the marching arts. His love for learning, design, and the performing arts has culminated in a diverse body of work since 2012 and the creation of Wade Creative Studios.

Travis’s involvement in pageantry began in high school and continued with Etude WG, The Madison Scouts, and Paramount. Along with choreographing and coordinating for various groups, he helps to manage various projects for Paramount Winter Guard.

Travis currently resides in Atlanta, GA. In his remaining free time, he enjoys taking dance classes, learning new skills on the internet, and spending time with his cat, Michelle Obama.

Andrew Seebaran (he/him)
Junior Designer

Andrew Seebaran is a North Texas native, graphic and pageantry design enthusiast and freelance artist. Drawn to bold colors, intriguing textures, and cohesive design concepts, Andrew is incredibly excited to be joining the Wade Creative Studios team and is looking forward to make your artistic vision an exciting reality.

MO (Michelle Obama), Catsultant

MO’s cutting edge design career includes many hours napping in someone’s lap while they design, walking behind monitors and nearly unplugging a variety of external hard drives, and consistently providing the best kind of work distraction.

When not meowing at desktop monitors, she can often be found lounging in her cat tower or hidden deep beneath the entertainment system.